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It’s our 13th bday! These cool teens picked art to help us party.


Today’s our 13th birthday! This year’s been a doozy, but when all’s said and done, we’re psyched to enter adolescence as dedicated as ever to our Art for Everyone mission. Plus, teendom is a major milestone, no? To celebrate, we hit up six cool teens (and one savvy tween!) to choose one 20x200 artwork they’re especially into and tell us why. Scroll on if the teen spirit moves ya.

Our takeaway? Teens know what they like, and their tastes range accordingly. Which means if you’re picking out art to please a teenager, opt for something that speaks to their personality. (We have lots of curated collections to get you started!) Or if you’re stumped, let them loose on our art offerings with a 20x200 Gift Certificate in tow, so they can have total control. Art collecting is a form of self-expression, so whether you’re giving them art as a present, or letting them run the show in redecorating their room, this is a prime opportunity to take your teen’s lead. And maybe they can teach you TikTok in return.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200