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SR Flat Plants, Small Cactus Set of 2

  • $40.00
SR FLAT PLANTS: Create an oasis of houseplants that will never die. The ultimate no-maintenance houseplant, the SR Flat Plant is a “paint by numbers” style kit for 2-D plants. Each kit includes a plywood plant cutout, paints, paintbrush, reference sheet, and instructions.

The SR Flat Plants, Small Cactus Set of 2 is a combo of clever design, poppy artwork, and the ideal Sunday afternoon creative outlet. Plus, it involves the circa summer camp satisfaction of following simple instructions while flexing your fledging artistry. Heck, even if you’re a pro, painting by-numbers is majorly meditative. Even more mood-boosting: this edition is your ticket to an urban jungle with serious staying power—once you’ve painted these Flat Plants into existence, they’re the ultimate zero-maintenance indoor greenery. Even your death-defying Sansevieria requires more upkeep ... Read more on the blog!

+ Round cactus measures 6.25" wide and 7.25" tall. Slim cactus measures 4.38" wide and 8.63" tall.
+ Each kit comes with four plywood cutouts (two per cactus), five paints, a paintbrush, and instructions.
+ All orders for this edition are final sale and not eligible for discount or return.

Wood, acrylic paint