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New! The cutest DIY cacti painting kit, ℅ Scout Regalia

SR Flat Plants, Small Cactus Set of 2 by Scout Regalia
Small Cactus Set ($40)

Sound the royal trumpet, readers! We’re welcoming Scout Regalia to the 20x200 artist roster. The design duo is debuting with a limited-edition Artist-Made object that doubles as a DIY project, perfect for the plant-obsessor, art lover, and consummate crafter alike.

The SR Flat Plants, Small Cactus Set of 2 is a super hands-on art experience. Each paint-by-numbers kit includes four plywood cutouts that compose two standing cacti, as well as five different paints, a precision paintbrush, and a reference sheet with instructions. Minimal and on-the-money colorwise (cool greens and millennial pink make for a mighty good pair), these prickle-free plants measure 6.25" wide by 7.25" (round cacti) and 4.38" wide by 8.63” (slim cacti). In keeping with Scout Regalia’s design sensibility, the reference art and thus the final piece employ bold, graphic shapes with an organic edge—a few smartly-placed broad curvy stripes are enough to convey a cactus-like texture while still feeling breezy and appealingly imprecise.

The SR Flat Plants, Small Cactus Set of 2 is a combo of clever design, poppy artwork, and the ideal Sunday afternoon creative outlet. Plus, it involves the circa summer camp satisfaction of following simple instructions while flexing your fledging artistry. Heck, even if you’re a pro, painting by-numbers is majorly meditative. Even more mood-boosting: this edition is your ticket to an urban jungle with serious staying power—once you’ve painted these Flat Plants into existence, they’re the ultimate zero-maintenance indoor greenery. Even your death-defying Sansevieria requires more upkeep.

Paint-by-numbers: not just for kids! Not just for two dimensions either. This SR Flat Plants set turns 2D painting into touchable, mobile, adaptable design objects. You decide how they interact with each other and the space around them. Scout Regalia plays with dimension and negative space a lot in their work, whether we’re talking a felt wall pocket, or a red oak table with a customizable aluminum color pop. Launched in 2008, the LA-based design studio churns out spatial concepts, furniture, products, and more, with a focus on local fabricators. Their style is decidedly modern but without an ounce of un-fun stuffiness. They tend toward simplicity, not sterility. Their work feels personal, relatable, and effervescent, even as it exhibits a studied and serious grip on great design.

The SR Flat Plants, Small Cactus Set of 2 Scout Regalia designed exclusively for us in a custom colorway captures their fresh, approachable aesthetic to a drought-resistant tee. The brains behind the brand, Benjamin Luddy and Makoto Mizutani, celebrate smart design in all sorts of accoutrements of everyday living. In this case, cacti get the Scout Regalia special treatment, and 20x200 collectors can literally be in on the art action. It’s DIY art for everyone!

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200