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Bright StART Bundle

  • $130.00
We were inspired to round up our most motivational, inspiring and abundantly artful goodies in one Bright StART Bundle. The entire bundle ships free, so snap one up and ride that fresh start feeling.

The Bright StART Bundle is packed full of handpicked items, carefully curated for a mindful and visually vibrant start to your year. First, Lisa Congdon encourages you to Find Your Artistic Voice in a signed copy of her bestselling book. Then put those skills into practice with Yen Ha’s Mindful Moments coloring book and a pack of Mail Mini postcards. Get organized with a surprise Popup Calendar from good morning. Stay inspired with a mystery handmade letterpress print from Kennedy Prints. And Matthew Hoffman reminds you that you got this. Finally, you’re gonna need something to carry all this goodness right? How about a Zoo Baggu?

+ Ships for free domestically
+ The bundle is not available for international shipping