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Short Neck Giraffe Keytag - Jason Polan

  • $20.00
Jason Polan will be forever known as an enormously talented artist, illustrator, and larger-than-life figure who lived and worked in New York, NY. Polan’s illustrations have been published in The New Yorker, The New York Times, New Yorker Magazine, Metropolis Magazine, and The Believer, among many many many many others. 

These 2” x 0.75” keytags are a teeny, tiny way to inject a little Jason Polan animal art into your everyday, while keeping your keys company. Plus, giraffes are kind of a Polan classic—he's drawn some for us!—so naturally team 20x200’s keyrings are all repping these mini mammals. (Hotly contested: whether the cheeky short necks or lovable long necks are more irresistible.) ... Read more on the blog! 

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All keytags measure approximately 2" x 0.75" (51 x 19 mm) and are made from 100% Microsurfaced Impact Acrylic. Wood grain and metal finishes are simulated and will vary slightly with each tag. Unless otherwise specified, the edges and back of each tag are the same color as the engraved lettering. Neon colors appear more vibrant in person.