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New! A pack of Jason Polan’s cool wearable collabs

Polan Pack by Jason Polan

It’s Jason Polan’s bday tomorrow! ICYMI, our founder—a close friend of Jason’s—penned a poignant letter addressing the peripatetic artist’s death (he passed away earlier this year), what he meant to her personally, and what he meant to the art world. She went on to dedicate this week’s releases to Everything Jason, in honor of what would have been his 38th birthday on 7/17/20.

On Tuesday, we debuted two beautiful Baggu totes covered with covetable, critter-centric Jason Polan prints: Zoo Baggu (a reissue of a super popular bag we’d sold out in the past) and the brand new, bright green Doggu. Today, we’re one-upping ourselves with a superpowered, Polan-obsessed product bundle that Jason Polan fans are gonna wanna jump on: Polan Packs!

Short Neck Giraffe Keytag - Jason Polan by Various Keytags

All of the Colors Tattoo Pair - Jason Polan by Tattly

Our Polan Packs combine three of our favorite Jason Polan collabs into one cool, wearable, collectable set—with a discount baked in! Each Polan Pack comes with your choice of Baggu reusable bag (Doggu or Zoo Baggu), a set of two All of the Colors temporary circle tattoos from Tattly, and a giraffe keytag from Various Keytags, all featuring Jason Polan’s unmistakable artwork. Whether you get a Long Neck Giraffe Keytag or a Short Neck Giraffe Keytag and what color we send you will be a surprise, ‘cuz a little mystery makes everything more fun. We’re not taking special requests for keytag styles, but trust us, it’s too hard to pick one anyway! You’re welcome. And get this: when you buy your Jason Polan Baggu, Tattly, and Various Keytag together as a Polan Pack, you save $5! That’s $5 you could spend at Taco Bell on a Crunchwrap Supreme and then some. Jason Polan would enthusiastically approve.

Doggu Baggu by Jason Polan

Zoo Baggu by Jason Polan

If you also want to snap up a few extra Polan-embellished keytags, totes, and tats before they sell out (and you do), you can buy all these babies separately as well. Aside from hauling your crap in the cutest way possible, there’s a lot to love about the bestselling Zoo Baggu and Doggu. Meanwhile, the 2” x 0.75” keytags are a teeny, tiny way to inject a little Polan animal art into your everyday, while keeping your keys company. Plus, giraffes are kind of a Jason Polan classic—he's drawn some for us!—so naturally team 20x200’s keyrings are all repping these mini mammals. (Hotly contested: whether the cheeky short necks or lovable long necks are more irresistible.)

That Jason Polan x Tattly collab also ties back to a 20x200 edition: the special, hand-drawn circles Jason created for us back in 2012. These pieces were precipitated by a batch of rainbow colored pencils he discovered in the MoMA gift shop one day—the kind you might have delighted in doodling with as a kid—and the joy of drawing a simple circle with them. He went on to draw a bunch of these rainbow circles on 4”x6” for an extra-limited 20x200 release. Of the project, he wrote, “I am making these color circles in the hopes that you will find some enjoyment out of them. You can buy one for yourself and/or you can buy one for a friend or you can buy one for a stranger.” There’s two of the circle tats in each set, so you can stick one on yourself and share the other. Whatever Jason Polan product collab you pick up, they’ll all hit you with some happy feels, and he’d be happy to play a part in that.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

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