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All of the Colors Tattoo Pair - Jason Polan

  • $5.00
Looking for a delicate take on the classic rainbow? All of the Colors by Jason Polan brings the spectrum full circle.

This Jason Polan x Tattly collab ties back to a 20x200 edition: the special, hand-drawn circles Jason created for us back in 2012. These pieces were precipitated by a batch of rainbow colored pencils he discovered in the MoMA gift shop one day—the kind you might have delighted in doodling with as a kid—and the joy of drawing a simple circle with them. He went on to draw a bunch of these rainbow circles on 4”x6” for an extra-limited 20x200 release. Of the project, he wrote, “I am making these color circles in the hopes that you will find some enjoyment out of them. You can buy one for yourself and/or you can buy one for a friend or you can buy one for a stranger.” There’s two of the circle tats in each set, so you can stick one on yourself and share the other ... Read more on the blog! 

Things are better in twos, no? Each Tattly design comes as a pair so you always have one for a friend. Or your other arm.

Size: 2.5"x2.5"

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Tattly are safe and non-toxic, lasting on average 2-4 days. We suggest placing on oil-free areas where skin does not stretch and keep them clean!