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Ventanas (Desert) (Final Sale)

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In Ventanas (Spanish for windows) geometric Abstraction, figuration and landscape painting imagine a space where mapping, cartography, and botanical illustration co-exist simultaneously with pattern and shape culled from traditional textiles of the Americas and Modernist forms from design, architecture, and painting to craft ideas of modernity, progress, and identity. Created for a site-specific installation at the Los Angeles airport, the Ventanas series evokes the experience of looking through a prism or window, where geometric shapes break up the scape into series of fractured shapes and spaces. This looking can take many forms: looking out from inside an airplane, as new geographies come into view beyond or below, or peering in at the carefully orchestrated universe of form, color and logotype to be found within the aircraft one is about to board.

While she’s fluent in a myriad of media (drawing, mural work, and video among them), Castaño's paintings especially piqued our interest for their irrepressible, idiosyncratic energy. The artist’s Ventanas (Spanish for “windows”) series from which today’s edition was plucked was originally a site-specific installation at the Los Angeles airport. In these works, sharp, graphic shapes map out the visual plane into fragmented spaces. There’s a prismatic effect, as if looking through multiple windows, peering in (or out) on disparate—yet symphonically symbiotic—scenes. It’s Castaño's nod to the experience of gazing out an airplane window at the transforming geography below, or even inward, at what she describes as “the carefully orchestrated universe of form, color and logotype to be found within the aircraft” ... Read more on the blog!

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