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Where to Buy Art? Wall St. Journal Sez: Right Here.

"Who doesn't love a baby animal?" That's our own intrepid founder Jen Bekman, talking to The Wall Street Journal, which just featured 20x200 in "Giving the Gift of Art," their roundup of the best sources for affordable fine-art shopping this season. (One of the baby animals Jen mentioned is actually three very alert baby birds, below, photographed by Sharon Montrose.)

As Jen reminds readers, special-edition prints are "a great way to give somebody something that has real value and lasting provenance at an affordable price." What if you're not sure what to give someone? As the WSJ's Anna Russell notes, "Bekman...says she steers uncertain gift-givers toward crowd-pleasers like beach scenes, maps of particular cities (especially Paris and New York), sports-themed work and animal photography." (We've added some links to inspire you.) 

Keep going to drink in some of the 20x200 pieces the WSJ featured from our beloved family of artists, including William Wegman, Jenny Odell, Don Hamerman, and Christian Chaize.

Three Ducklings by Sharon Montrose

Praia Piquinia 16/08/11 13h26 by Christian Chaize