Learn Your Art World ABCs with William Wegman! February 21 2015


Learn your Art World ABCs with William Wegman!

In the Studio | William Wegman January 06 2015

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OMG, it's Wegman's A-Z! Gifting a few? Order by 2! December 17 2014

PLEASE NOTE: 2pm today—Wednesday December 17th—is the in-time-for-Christmas deadline for prints from this series. They will be delivered via USPS Priority Mail.


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Conceptual Art? William Wegman Rolls With It. October 30 2014

Today we’re thrilled to release the iconic Roller Rover, our seventh edition with the legendary William Wegman. Wegman’s clever, deceptively accessible work has delighted people worldwide for decades while simultaneously—and stealthily—introducing them to the often-baffling realm of conceptual art.  


Roller Rover by William Wegman
10"x8" ($60) | 14"x11" ($120) | 20"x16" ($600) | 30"x24" ($2400) | 40"x30" ($5000)

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Where to Buy Art? Wall St. Journal Sez: Right Here. December 05 2013

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