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Learn Your Art World ABCs with William Wegman!

There are many ways to learn about the art world, but what's more fun than learning with William Wegman's Letters? In our opinion...nothing. What follows is our very subjective art world A to Z, each accompanied by a letter from this amazing collection.

We always love working with Bill, and this special release of 26 editions was no different. These editions look incredible no matter how ya hang 'em: one big statement letter adorning the wall, a three-piece monogram with a mix of sizes, spelling out a favorite word, or, like today, using them as an educational tool with art world cred.

Because we love them oh-so-much AND because we're so excited to launch framing(!) for them, we're giving you a special discount: get 20% OFF framing for these (literal) puppies with the code LETTERS!

Time to learn your ABCs, y'all...

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200



A is for the Armory Show, coming up first week of March!

B is for Jeff Hamada's BOOOOOOOM!, a collection of weird, wild, and wonderful art of all varieties and media.

C is for Creative Capital and Creative Time, two arts orgs we adore.

D is for Dr. Seuss, whose long-lost book about getting a pet will be published this summer!

E is for Electric Objects  and their EO1, which debuts at the Ace Hotel in NYC next week.

F is for midcentury poet Frank O'Hara, who also happened to be a curator at MoMA. (Be sure to check out Lunch Poems, Jen’s favorite book ever!)

G is most definitely NOT for giclée, a made-up word that @jenbee hates. Go look at some goats instead? (Happy Lunar New Year, btw.)

H is for Hank Willis Thomas, recently featured on Beyoncé’s website (for real!) and also just nominated to the Painter seat of the Public Design Commission by NYC’s mayor, Bill DeBlasio.

I is for is for Iceland, Björk's photogenic homeland.

J is for Jerry, who just won an Ellie.

K is for On Kawara, whose amazing retrospective just opened at the Guggenheim Museum.

L is for libraries, and the multitudes they contain.

M is for monsters and the museums they visit.

N is for New Inc, the New Museum’s art/tech/design incubator, led by friend of 20x200, Julia Kaganskiy.

O is for Obamacare as told from the perspective of artist Tony Fitzpatrick.

P is for Palm Springs—the cradle of mid-century modern—where Wegman was recently honored as Photographer of the Year and has a new show on view, Good Dogs on Nice Furniture!

Q is for quadratura, a trompe l’oeil painting technique used in frescoes.

R is for Roden Crater, a land art piece with an entry price by artist James Turrell.

S is for Songbook, Alec Soth’s new book and also the title of its related show that’s currently up in three cities: Sean Kelly in NYC, Fraenkel in SF and Weinstein in Minneapolis.

T is for typography, especially the long lost kind that we love so much!

U is for ukiyo-e the art form, and John Resig’s incredible site that catalogs them.

V  is for video, the art form in which William Wegman is a true pioneer.

W is for women who change the world, and for
Wikipedia where female artists are getting their due thanks to Art + Feminism. 

X is for Xu Zhen, who is at the forefront of contemporary Chinese art and premiering a new show in Hong Kong.

Y is for Yaddo, the infamous artists’ retreat, and Yale,  which has an amazing museum, publishes gorgeous art books, and has one of the most highly regarded grad programs for photographers.

Z is for ‘zines + where to find them in the city: McNally JacksonHousingWorks, Printed Matter (and if you’re a super ‘zine fan, make sure to check out Brooklyn Zine Fest in April!)


THE FINE PRINT (not to be confused with our fine prints!)
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