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OMG, it's Wegman's A-Z! Gifting a few? Order by 2!

PLEASE NOTE: 2pm today—Wednesday December 17th—is the in-time-for-Christmas deadline for prints from this series. They will be delivered via USPS Priority Mail.

Letters by William Wegman
Individual Letters: 10"x8" ($50) | 14"x11" ($90)

A few important notes about this edition:
• All sizes are sold as an open edition. Each print will be accompanied by a unique certificates of authenticity, hand-signed by the artist.
• The images from this series are intentionally presented with very wide margins, and are meant to be displayed as such.
• As always, the sizes indicated are the dimensions of the paper itself. The image on the 10"x8" print is approximately 6"x5" and the image on the 14"x11" print is approximately 8.5"x7".
• Framing is not available for this series at this time, but we will introduce it early next year.
• This edition is not eligible for any discounts, promotions and/or coupon codes. 

As we often say, William Wegman is one of our favorite collaborators. Why he’s a favorite goes way beyond the obvious appeal of getting to work with a living legend, and the process of producing today’s release of Letters is almost certainly our most ambitious—and most challenging—collaboration yet. We’ve been working on this release for months now, being extra careful to get every little thing exactly right. No small feat when you’re dealing with 26 individual prints, each of them thrumming with subtle details!

We’ll continue to work on the series after today—with additional components slated to debut early in the new year—but everyone involved with producing these editions agreed: we simply couldn’t let the season of giving come and go without making these eminently giftable goodies available!

Once again, however, if it’s gifting you’ve got in mind (as many of us here at 20x200 HQ do!) you need to act fast. Place your order no later than 2pm today for in-time-for-Christmas delivery of prints from this series.

The original video that’s the foundation of this release was created in 1993, and its letters have been variously assembled many times since: from a witty wallpaper border to the breathtaking set of delicate, painstakingly produced silver prints nestled in a portfolio box (that I got to hold in my very own hands at Bill’s studio!) the images from this series epitomize Bill’s uncanny ability to manifest his singular vision via these loving beasts of his.

The video itself is very familiar to millennials who first saw it on Sesame Street, but its charms extend far beyond the allure of childhood nostalgia. More than twenty years later, it continues to be unambiguously delightful to everyone I’ve shown it to. Firing it up on my laptop screen for others to watch—as I watch them watching—has become something of an obsession of mine. It’s so fun to see their expressions unfold: their initial confusion dissolves into delight and awe, which is often followed by a “How did he get them to do that?” somewhere around the letter O, almost invariably concluding with a “Play it again!” at the letter Z.

With these editions, we get to transform that experience into something people can (will!) live with everyday, and with each of the 26 letters being its own print there are endless opportunities for each collector to make their Letters uniquely their own.


With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200