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Just Added: Tod Seelie

Tod Seelie's prints are up on the site and ready to ship out to your door.  If you don't know Tod's work you should check out his site and his new book of NYC photographs. I (Jeffrey) have known Tod since 2003, have some of his prints on my walls at home, and in turn he has pictures of me spitting beer out of my mouth at some warehouse sometime when I was slightly younger. He is one of the most effortlessly cool people I have ever met (I know saying cool sounds hokey) – always out and always just coming from some event/performance/what have you/opening/fantastic thing that is about as obscure as obscure can be, or building a raft/houseboat and boating down the Mississippi or in Venice - like you do. Check out his blog and other blog Sucka Pants and see that NYC has not yet lost all its edge. "His images at times elevate mere weirdness to a more striking realm of visual intrigue... Strange, vivid, baffling and relentlessly unexplained, they leave their viewers transfixed," says The New York Times. I say, well put Grey Lady.  

 Of note: he rocks a horseshoe mustache like nobody since Hulk Hogan (his doesn't make him all creepy as well).

Billboard Lines by Tod Seelie

Green Branches by Tod Seelie

Quiet Planes by Tod Seelie