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The Power of FIVE: 5 People, 5 Picks

Greetings + happy almost-weekend collectors! Today we’re debuting FIVE, an occasional dispatch featuring the fabulous (and sometimes famous) people we love who'll be talking about the 20x200 art that they love. I can’t wait to introduce you to all the writers, scientists, curators, designers, and brainiacs who have agreed to participate.

It seemed fitting to start close to home for our debut, so we’re kicking things off with the superstars nearest and dearest to my heart: the amazing, talented and devoted people of Team 20x200. —Jen

"My childhood summer evenings were spent outdoors catching fireflies in the backyard or making s'mores over a campfire. As a teenager we spent evenings driving country roads, windows down, with our latest mixtape playing. That's summer to me, and Pete's photographs take me back to those times—right down to the smell of the heavy night air."

- Carrie Strine, Artist Relations Manager

"To me, this photograph is about the endless summer. The end of summer reminds us that we’re getting older, and we’re about to endure another winter. Not with this edition! In this playland, it never snows and adults never grow up."

- Alexa Natanson, Customer Experience + Operations Coordinator


"Goodbye, summer and so long! I hate hot, hot weather. It reminds me of riding horses as a teenager—you can't take a break in the summer as an equestrian—and wishing I could just take off my breeches, boots, and jacket, then let my horse roam free while I went back inside to the a/c. I suppose being a writer's let me live a more (ahem) comfortable life. I love Greg Allen as a writer and artist—this copy of Richard Prince is one of my all-time favorite works by him. And gosh golly that cowboy's gotta be hot out there!"

- Corinna Kirsch, Editor


"Everything is In Your Face during the summer, from the beating sunlight to the animated restauranteurs and waitstaff of Little Italy. This warm print has energy and radiance seeping right out of its edges. The playfulness of the reflected figures along with the handheld camera makes you want to record your every move—before nostalgia hits you like a brick, and the leaves begin to fall for yet another seasonal transition."

- Sam Oriach, Intern

"My reasons for loving this photograph are sweet and simple: one summer in college, I bought some shades at Venice Beach, and this photo reminds me of how great that day was for many reasons. I still have the sunglasses."

- Lila Murphy, Production Coordinator

Coming up next week: Erica Cerulo + Claire Mazur, the incredibly stylish entrepreneurial duo behind Of a Kind. Their Monday newsletter highlighting each of their five current obsessions is a must-read at 20x200 HQ, and inspired us to create a weekly FIVE of our very own.

With art for everyone,
Jen + the whole 20x200 crew