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NYC Art + Tech @ Work

We love being part of the NYC start-up ecosystem, and get loads of inspiration from our friends, neighbors and officemates. Lately, we’ve noticed a flurry of orders from companies whose domain names end in anything but dotcom, with physical addresses that tend to center around the Flatiron District, Soho and DUMBO. In other words, it looks like NYC startups have been hanging beaucoup de 20x200 art in their offices, a trend that’s spot on for for oh-so-many reasons.

Selected work includes art by Jorge Colombo, Stamen, Jenny Odell, and Aaron Straup Cope

We’ve been living at the intersection of art and tech since all the way back in 2003, when Jen opened the gallery. At 20x200, we’ve always enjoyed highlighting work that has a tech slant, whether it’s prints composed of satellite images, pretty maps, watercolor cartography, or musings on obsolete tools from other eras.

An artist who ably demonstrates that beautiful things come from the marriage of art and tech is one Jorge Colombo, who takes center stage in the salon wall that you see above. Any one of his many editions is the perfect anchor for a tech start-ups salon wall. Art! Tech! NYC! All in one glorious package. Plus, when considering the particulars of how everything’s going to hang together—pun intended—a larger version of a vertical image like Jorge’s gives you a lot of flexibility when arranging other pieces around it. (This last point is especially noteworthy since larger prints of Jorge’s editions are finally back in stock as of… today!)

We were excited to be the first to debut Jorge’s sketches way back in the pre-phablet days of 2009. That debut led to all kinds of amazing things: New Yorker covers (how cool is that?) and a ringside seat at more than one Apple WWDC. AND a book—New York—that includes an essay from Jen.

Our nerdy, art-loving diehard NYer roots run through many of our other editions as well. Check out our "We Love NY" Pinterest board, where you’ll find a broad range of maps, vintage editions and contemporary photography that are sure to fill your New York-loving heart with joy.

With Art for Everyone,
Jen + the whole 20x200 team

PS: Got questions about how to build your very own salon wall?
(No tech or art knowledge required!) We're all ears and would love to make some suggestions. Drop us a line at, and you’ll get a friendly, helpful reply, live from New York.


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