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4 Stellar Examples of How Artists Are Using Pinterest

There's a social media channel for every sort: Twitter for pithy wordsmiths. Instagram for folks with a good eye and an itchy trigger finger. Facebook for the elderly among us (J/K! Sort of!). The aforementioned are all spontaneous broadcast outlets. Pinterest is more of a slow burn and often used as a personal tool for the creative catalogers and list-makers among us. The four 20x200 artists showcased here— Kate Bingaman-Burt , Trey Speegle , Aili Schmeltz and Pattie Lee Becker —use Pinterest as a sustained thought tool and exploration medium in a very public way. We hope you'll be just as crazy-inspired as we are at these artists' alchemy of personal promotion, inspiration, influences, project studies, and personal interests. 

1. Kate Bingaman-Burt
For someone that meticulously documented her consumerism for a year, it's no surprise that this author-illustrator is so active here. Pinterest is a natural fit. It's so cool to see Kate keeping an eye on other people's craft, synthesizing ideas for her own exhibition installs and creating moodboards for projects. If you're keeping up with Kate's work, these boards feel like a creative breadcrumb trail of influences and inspiration.

Our favorite boards:

View Kate's 20x200 editions here »

2. Trey Speegle
Yep, this is a great place to see Trey's work, but so much of the fun here is watching this guy create collections of things he loves... whether it's "selfies" of amazing artists, thematic groupings of pop icons, or roundups of his artists he loves. There's a real editorial bent and a unique curatorial voice at work here. But it's also a place to catalog decorating ideas, keep an album of your dog or pimp out that gorgeous country house in the Catskills

Our favorite boards:
•  Trey Speegle, exhibits
•  Portrait of the Artist
•  101 Icons
•  Not Everything Has to Make Sense
•  Radical Sculptures

View Trey's 20x200 editions here »

3. Aili Schmeltz
The real foundation of this collection is its inspirations and influences and how they relate to Aili's work, but we also can't help but be a little mesmerized by this L.A.-based artist's southwest-flavored lifestyle collections... the boards on Fashion and Interiors particularly. But there's also some amusing miscellany that just appeals to our own 70's upbringing.

Our favorite boards:
•  Her Work
•  Art Inspiration
•  Patterns and Fabric 
•  Design
•  Architecture
•  Curiosities

View Aili's 20x200 editions here »

4. Pattie Lee Becker
Her profile says it best: "I am an artist and designer using pattern and color-rich subconscious explorations to create drawings, sculptures, surface designs and furniture." Those interests are diverse and well-represented in Pattie Lee Becker's pinboards. She lures us in with recent work and keeps us there with the depth of her visual research!

Our favorite boards:
•  Masks & Headdresses
•  Surface Design: Geometrics

•  Surface Design: Florals
•  Collapsibles
•  Textural Fabric

View Pattie's 20x200 editions here »


And what about 20x200?
We'd be remiss if we didn't point out our own Pin-presence!
We've been breaking out a bunch of new pinboards with your interests in mind. Not only do they show off 20x200 editions, but art and influences from much further afield...

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•  On Our Radar
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