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I Am an American. Are you? Then vote!

All across the US of A—from its amber waves of grain to its rickety subway trains—the adult masses are getting out the vote. In case you haven't heard, today is election day. Go ahead and drop your opinion into a ballot box! Need some inspiration on this fine day of speaking up, taking a stand, and making a change? 20x200 has you covered with a range of inspiring vintage prints from scenes of America's past, to all sorts of donkeys and elephants to express your partisan pride.

I Am an American by Dorothea Lange


To kick off our choice picks for Election Day, we're spotlighting Dorothea Lange's I Am an American, Oakland, CA, 1942. You might not know this just by looking at it, but that "I Am an American" sign hanging outside the storefront windows? It's a quite rebellious message—a protest sign set up in the wake of the Pearl Harbor bombings. You can find out more about the story behind this iconic image over on the 20x200 blog. >>

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