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Get House-Proud for the Holidays: Hanging Tips + a Special Offer

Tis (almost) the season for holiday entertaining. Why not transform your walls from “meh” to “marvelous” and wow your guests this year? (And enjoy the results your own self for years to come.) We've got tips for hanging salon walls in a snap and a sweet deal on framing to get you started.

One of the most common questions we get from 20x200 collectors is “How do I make a salon wall?” Over the years we’ve come up with a series of tips for art fans—and companies of all sizes—who don’t want to spend a fortune on creating a salon wall. There’s four—only four!—simple tricks to making an elegant wall that’ll have visitors to your domestic palace swooning.

4 Easy Tips for How to Create a Salon Wall: 

Tip #1: Frame it perfectly. 
When it comes to buying a frame, simple is better, especially if you’re on a budget. A clean, simple frame makes your artwork the focal point and will fit in with almost any home decor. It just so happens, dear collector, that we offer 3 ways to frame that accommodate any budget: Made-to-Measure Mats, Quick Kits, and Custom Framing cover all the bases.


         Made-to-Measure Mat

                   Quick Kit

               Custom Frame


Tip #2: Lay it down.
Step away from the hammer and arrange your art on the floor in front of the wall you're hanging it on first. It’s much easier to move things around when they’re on the ground rather than after you’ve committed to putting nails in your walls. No need to break out the spackle and paint!

Tip #3: Find your anchor. 
It's best to use the largest piece as your anchor. That doesn't mean you have to set it smack in the middle, it can be off to the side or a little left of center. (Or right, we're bipartisan when it comes to art!) Once you've got that down, you can play with the smaller pieces until you get it just right.

Some people like tighter lines and get a thrill when everything matches up, but we prefer to think outside the box. If you look at your final pattern as more of a free-form cloud rather than a linear box, the spacing can be a bit looser and you can have a little more fun. An added bonus? Putting those nails in the wall is far less nerve-racking

Tip #4: There are really no rules... 
...although you do want to make sure that things flow. As you’re rearranging work—on the floor, first, remember—you can start to see how the works speak to each other and tell a story on your wall.

Keep this in mind: What story do you want your salon wall to tell? You can match colors in one area. You can have themes in another. No matter what type of layout you use, these tips will help your salon wall look elegant and streamlined.

Still have questions about building your very own salon wall? We're here for you and would love to make some suggestions.

With art for everyone,
Jen + Team 20x200


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