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20x200 Gift Guide: Now With 5 New Categories!

Dear Readers, Happy Day-Before Turkey Day!


When it comes to shopping, are you an early-bird-gets-the-deal kind of chick or a grumpy goose? We here at 20x200 truly, truly want you to be happy in the holiday rush—that’s why we’re lending you a helping hand with our 2014 Gift Guide. If you're just getting started, there's lots to dive into! And if you've checked out the guide already but are still figuring out what to get, and for whom, we've added more picks! Five more gift categories for our extra-special, bigger-than-ever, carefully curated guides! Just think of these new ones as the whipped cream atop tomorrow’s pumpkin pie! Mmmmm...

Give the gift of art with 5 NEW categories...


If you’re the I-prefer-to-eat-turkey-shop-later type, you've still got time for the ARCHITECT (the ones who love precision, lines, form, geometry, balance), DO-GOODER (who’d be overjoyed to hear that their gift goes towards one of 20x200’s many benefit partners: Friends of the High Line, the Bruce High Quality Foundation, Occupy Sandy Recovery), DESIGN DIVA (your pal who’s addicted to HGTV and has a living room envied by all), and NATURE LOVERS (who live for the outdoors and would love to take home an Icelandic landscape by Tom Kondrat) in your life. Plus, check out our new MEDIA DARLINGS section to find out which 20x200 artworks the Internet’s tastemakers are gifting this year!

Mostly, we just want to make your holiday shopping relaxing, so that you can say Ahhhhhhh. Unlike holiday fads of yesteryear like the Snuggie, or this year’s Ostrich pillow, art won’t be obsolete by this time next year. Let your loved ones know you plan on being around for more than a season, too.

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With art (and cheer) for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200