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New! Christian Chaize Adds Color to Black Friday

Happy Black Friday! (No, really!) Whether you’re getting reacquainted with your television or fleeing to warmer climes, we urge you to channel your inner Christian Chaize. Today we’re releasing a brand-new, mesmerizing edition by the stunning French photographer—this sun-drenched Praia Piquinia 14/08/12 14h00 marks his 11th edition with 20x200.

Praia Piquinia 14/08/12 14h00 by Christian Chaize
14"x11" ($60) | 24"x20" ($600) | 40"x30" ($3,600)

On his quest to see “with new eyes,” Chaize offers us a new-yet-familiar view of his Praia Piquinia: bright umbrellas dotting the sand, bathers in the blue-green water, the busy-ness of the beach funneling out into a placid ocean that melts into an endless blue horizon. With each permutation, Praia Piquinia drapes itself in a new persona: once intimate, then bustling, then somehow wild and undiscovered.

Repetition, habit and ritual—innocuous actions that, when repeated in sequence, can induce a meditative state, allowing us, through, Praia Piquinia 14/08/12 14h00, to access our more insightful and creative selves. And not only because most of us are caught in a cold snap, but because we’re all embarking on our own annual rituals, however we choose to celebrate.

Clogged highways, chaotic airports, delays and delays, Bacchanalian spreads of poultry and pork and pumpkin, the sweet yielding comfort of elastic waistbands, the soporific cocktail of couch and football. Fresh-from-the-can-cranberries, takeout (or delivery!)—how many of us could stand to see this time of year with new eyes?

No doubt, with Christian Chaize, you’ll find a new fascination with the magic that exists within your familiar landscapes, too. 

With art for everyone,
Monika + Team 20x200