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Hit the Sweet Spot on Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day fast approacheth. If you're planning to pitch a little woo on Feb. 14, might we suggest planning ahead and eschewing the usual gifting clichés? Flowers wilt. Cards hit the bin moments later. And that Whitman's Sampler? A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips! But art? Art lasts in the best of ways and says something way more original than Hallmark ever could. 

Not sure what you actually want to say at this stage of the game? Lucky you, we've put our heads together and come up with the perfect art for each relationship phase!

A Note to All the Single Ladies + Gents
Whether you're taking a break from love or slogging valiantly through the online dating trenches…why not re-frame the holiday with a gift to yourself? (Or just do like some of us will and employ this strategy.)

Phase 1: Today's Catch
Congratulations, you've just sailed into a sparkly new relationship, and these early days probably have some corny theme music running through your head. There are a lot of fish in the sea and you can't help but wonder if you've just caught the big one. Lure them in further with an old-skool romantic gesture.

Too kissy-kissy for your particular paramour, you say? More of an ironic V-Day celebrator? We feel you. Give this edgy take on a teddy bear

Phase 2: Easy Like Sunday Morning
You’ve been together long enough that Friday nights drift naturally into Sunday mornings: unhurried brunches, neighborhood exploration, & spontaneous road trips abound.  We've got the perfect print to capture the flow of these cozy, golden days.

Phase 3: The Real Deal
Y'all are serious, but the thought of a grand declaration leaves you tongue-tied. Let us do the heavy-lifting for you.

Phase 4: Nesting
Voila, you’re cohabiting! You hang out with other couples. Your families have met (or the threat of such is imminent). Have fun shocking your inner circle with this piece hung above your bed. Or this one over the stove... Wink. Wink. (Let’s be real…it’s not like they didn’t know).

Phase 5: Pop the Question
Want to give a clue? Need to drop a hint?

Phase 6: Together Forever
You can’t imagine life without your SO by your side. They’ve been with you through thick and thin, good times and bad, and you love them all the more for it. Re-affirm your vow with art.

- Jen & Team 20x200