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We've Got News for You, Space Cadet

AS07-08-1933, a 20x200 Space Edition

Our heads have been up in the clouds lately...way, WAY up, and we've noticed we're not the only ones. The entire interwebs has been ablaze with extraterrestrial news and views, both real and imagined. Most touching? The collision of science and fiction as we all mourned the passing of Leonard Nimoy from near and far.

Elsewhere, we took a Master Class in Space Photography with TIME Magazine, who sat down with the International Space Station's "guru of photography", aka our very own Donald Pettit. Their in-depth QA with our favorite space shutterbug includes a gorgeous slideshow that features many of our favorite Star Trails editions.

This gorgeous catalog of vintage space images up for auction is a great reminder that space travel and photography have gone hand-in-hand from the get-go. Slideshows featuring selections from this record-breaking auction have been popping up everywhere over the last few weeks, with everyone from Wired to Hyperallergic to National Geographic getting in on the game. We can't lie, seeing images from our curated space collection singled out in many of them had us, well, over the moon.

(Speaking of over the moon... Buzz Aldrin's historic space selfie was a huge hit at the aforementioned auction, going for a hammer price that was 10x its estimate!)

All this photography-in-space news, coupled with NASA's steady stream of imagery and information from the great beyond has us star struck and down-right inspired. We've spent most of the past two weeks with our heads up beyond the clouds, reading up on 50th anniversary of the spacewalk, contemplating the awe-inspiring glory of viewing our big blue marble from the stratosphere and trying to imagine what it must feel like to be an astronaut adrift in all of it.

Tune in Thursday for the results of all this daydream-believing; we're teeing up a trio of brand new editions that'll take you to infinity... and beyond!

Live long and prosper,
Team 20x200

Torus Cutaway AC75-1086-1 5725, a 20x200 Space Edition

S68-48662, a 20x200 Space Edition

Blue Marble (Eastern Hemisphere), a 20x200 Space Edition

North Side of the Moon, a 20x200 Space Edition

jsc2012e052683 by Donald Pettit

GPN-2002-000059, a 20x200 Space Edition

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