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A kid's take on Mom's art ❤️

Moms make the 20x200 world go ‘round, and in honor of Mother’s Day we asked some of our artists’ kids to share their thoughts on Mom’s work:

“I like all the buildings.”
—Mary’s son Lou, 2 (He was looking at a cactus…)
“I like learning from my mom about all the different natural dye and eco printing methods.”
—Caitlin’s son Ronan, 12
Conversation between Yen’s nephew Kien, 6 and his mom:
Kien: Why do we have a lady's face on the coaster?
Mom: Her name is Frida Kahlo and she's a famous artist. She's not alive anymore but people were very inspired by her and probably wanted to commemorate her on coasters.
Kien: You know who's another famous artist but who's alive? My aunt!