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Food with art-i-tude: a recipe for success

Mound of Butter by Antoine Vollon

Getting more mileage out of your kitchen this past month-plus? Same. A lot feels up in the air right now, but one thing’s for certain: we’re gonna be hungry. Might as well have some fun while we sate our appetites. Cooking up a storm isn’t much of a stand-in for social interaction, but it still provides ample opportunity for entertainment. (Besides, no one’s coming over, so the dishes can wait.) And at the very pinnacle of “playing with your food” is ... food art!

We’re using that term to describe art about food, art made from food, and any kind of food-inspired artistic treat in between. For this new installment in our ongoing guide to Armchair Art Appreciation (our team’s tips for supporting and celebrating the arts without setting foot outside), we’ve stirred up a scrummy list of food art—creativity and tummy rumbling baked riiiiiight in. Whether you’re inclined to adorn your walls with a looming, luscious likeness of butter or you’re finally gonna try your hand at one of those Insta-friendly focaccia landscapes, we got the goods.

Can’t talk about all this without acknowledging that food security is a privilege—especially now, as COVID-19 has taken a toll on global food availability, closed schools, and left over 20 million people unemployed in the US alone. If you’re in a position to help, find more info through Feeding America.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Focaccia Gardens

Design and bake your own focaccia garden with this step-by-step guide

Beautiful Boards

This how-to will help you lay out your own own delectable display. 

Sourdough Scoring

Stars, slashes, and silhouettes—this King Arthur crash course has everything you need to start scoring up a storm. 

Superbly Stacked Sips

Try your hand at your own tower of tipple with this handy gravity guide to layering liquor.

Café au HEYYY
milky masterpiece from World Latte Art Champion Manuela Fensore

Fancy a foray into the world of festooned froth? Try these beginner tricks for a flawless foamy flourish.

20x200 Art for Foodies

Feed those walls with our entire collection of Art for Foodies.

Pie-thagorean Theorem
 Precise pastry placement performed by Lauren Ko of Loko Kitchen

Pick up that protractor—Lauren Ko takes us back to geometry class in this tasty tutorial.

Smooth Moves

Break out those blenders. These DIY smoothie styles are a serious breakfast boost. 

Serving Art on a Plate

Make your own masterpiece munchies with these food art DIYs.

Well-Fed with Food52

Learn everything from artichoke to za'atar with the Food52 Hotline.