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Skip to your loo: the best art for bathrooms

Wash Your Hands by Jessica Hische

You hear the average American spends at least 30 minutes in the bathroom daily? That’s 3.5 hours a week. That’s the runtime of Titanic. Most importantly, that’s a real good reason not to neglect your water closet’s walls! Leveling up your bathroom to beauty queen status is our no. 1 (and hey, no.2) goal.

While you’re unwinding in the tub, polishing your pearly whites, or partaking of the porcelain throne, what do you wanna look at? How do you want the room to feel? Lots of folks like their bathrooms to be relaxing, a refuge from the daily grind. If that sounds like you, you might opt for ocean scenes, meditative nature moments or calming color palettes. Maybe you want major cleansing energy—clean lines, minimalism, and artful ways to hype up hygiene. Or perhaps potty humor is more your style. Not to (ahem) toot our own horn, but we’ve got a pretty great assortment of potty-mouthed art pieces as well.

Our curatorial team just put together this brand new Browse By feature that allows you shop art by room, mood, color palette, size or orientation. Case-in-point: the 50+ hand-picked suggestions you'll see when you Browse by Bathroom! A royal *flush* of bathroom-apropos art selects. See what else Browse By has to offer.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Ablution, from The Barking Wall by Brendan George Ko

(re)surfacing by e bond

He-Gassen 10, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Immanence by Corey Drieth

"Be Well" (Apollo Theater) 2020 Harlem, NYC by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Gung Ho Go by Sally Deng

Ferry from Ardrossan Harbor by Laura Bell

Untitled (My bad) by Mike Monteiro

Keep clean, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Gleichenia immersa, Jamaica by Anna Atkins


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