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10 artful wedding gifts we love

Plate 367: Band-tailed Pigeon and Animal Locomotion; Plate 187, Dancing (Fancy)

Weddings—a thing again? As vax rates keep climbing and cities open back up, you might find yourself with a wedding invite. While you’re trying to remember how to act like a human at group gatherings (please share your findings), you’ll also wanna get a really good gift on lock. That’s where we come in.

Waffle makers and registry items are easy targets and all, but a hand-picked piece of curator-approved art is quite possibly the chicest, most inspired (and inspiring), most thoughtfully personal present you could roll up with. It'll be part of their everyday ever after—a nice reflection of their vows, no?

We’ve corralled 10 artworks that feel especially wedding-friendly right here—plus two suggestions for wedding favors, if you happen to be getting hitched! Find more heart-pumping prints in our Love for Sale collection. Now, how to wear something other than sweatpants …

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Red Sun Vases by Kyle Scott Lee

you are loved by Matthew Hoffman

A Genuine Fishing Smack, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Flower Stamped Linen Panel by Caitlin Parker

Sunday Date by Hiro Kurata

Gradient Rainbow Weaving by Sunwoven

In the market for wedding favors? We've also got recs for your guests ...

Wash Your Hands by Jessica Hische

Book Pin: The Princess Bride by Jane Mount


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