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Artiversary! An enduring declaration ℅ Dorothea Lange

On This Day in 20x200 History…

We’ve released hundreds of editions since the founding of 20x200 back in 2007, each one unique with oodles of interesting artist processes and historical facts behind it. On This Day in 20x200 History celebrates all the hard work that goes into producing Art for Everyone taking a look back at some of the incredible works we’ve released over the years. So hop in that time machine, today we’re traveling back to 2014!

On this fine day in 2014, we released one of our most beloved and bestselling Vintage Editions: I Am an American, Oakland, CA, March 1942 by Dorothea Lange.

This photograph has consistently been one of our most popular prints for almost ten years! And it’s no mystery why. This timeless image’s declarative sentiment speaks to the ups, downs, and enduring perseverance of so many citizens. Collectors find strength, solace, and spirit in Lange’s iconic piece—enduringly relevant to ever-changing times. Read more about our original release here.

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