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Botanical textile pieces hand-printed with real plants c/o Caitlin Parker!

Flower Stamped Linen Panel by Caitlin Parker
Wild Western Flora ($225) | Curative Botanicals ($225)

May flowers, meet your match. There’s a new spring stunner in town. Two styles in fact! Both supplying serious botanical beauty in a very special format: hand-printed linen pieces that’ll give your art collection a verdant, textural twist. Caitlin Parker’s first textile editions, these Flower Stamped Linen Panels come in Wild Western Flora and Curative Botanicals, both available exclusively through 20x200. You could choose one, but we particularly love the look of them hanging side-by-side. And did we mention they’re stamped using real plants (!) Parker grew and pressed herself? These are not your garden variety art additions. Plus, they're stretched on a wood panel and ready-to-hang—a meditative nature moment on your wall in minutes.

Each 12”x12” Flower Stamped Linen Panel is handmade to order using plant stamps fashioned from cuttings foraged from the artist’s own gardens (and the gardens of a few generous friends). In California Natives you’ll spot Indian paintbrush, sticky monkey-flower, artemisia, and other species native to Southern California—the artist’s home base. Curative Botanicals contains varieties that share a reputation for healing properties, bloodroot, borage, and yarrow among them. Parker lived in upstate New York for many years, so some of these curative plants are native to the Hudson Valley, grown in her garden there and transported across the country in preserved, pressed form. She collects her stamp specimens carefully—mindful to protect the plant and its surrounding environment—and places them in a large, homemade press in her studio. Fully dried after a few weeks in the press, the plants have lasting power, able to be coated with paint and reused to print many times over.

Practice and observation have given Parker a sense of what plants work best for printing, and her longtime love of botanics led her to this subject matter in the first place. Those familiar with her body of work won’t be surprised to learn she’s an avid gardener. Plant life features prominently in her art, from her quilt paintings to her watercolors to the cyanotypes we’ve previously editioned. In her own words, these Flower Stamped Linen Panels “celebrate the beauty and importance of native plants in the landscape and nature’s endless healing power.” Indeed, looking at them is a healing experience of its own, a reminder to appreciate the flora at your footsteps, and an invitation to bloom where you’re planted.

Keep in mind the color palette, composition, and fabric used for each Flower Stamped Linen Panel will be consistent from piece-to-piece according to theme, but because they’re hand-printed using real plants, there may be some variation—perhaps a few particular plants or hues. In other words, each panel Parker produces will really be an original, one-of-a-kind artwork, something we especially love about these pieces. Their handmade nature also means they may take up to two weeks to ship, but your patience will pay lush, delicate, enchanting dividends.  

With art for everyone,
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