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Can’t stanza how good these art + poetry pairs are …

Brush up on your iambic pentameter and get cozy with consonance—the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Month is almost over! Which makes this our last wave of poetry + art pairings. All April, we’ve been matching prints and poems, each set carefully selected by our curatorial team and presented without comment so their dialogue speaks for itself. Don’t miss our big finish below, featuring words from literary greats like Lucille Clifton + T.S. Eliot.

Per usual, every print is available on 20x200. (Bonus points if you frame your spoils side-by-side with their poetic compatriot. That’d be a cool addition to an art wall!) And the poems are all sourced from, care of the Academy of American Poets, the same organization behind National Poetry Month.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200