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These hand-picked prints will put you in your write mind.

We’re on week three of our Saturday poem + art pairings—a nod to the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Month—and these matches might be our favorite yet. The art selects all seem to have a sense of release, whether ringing in a new era for America, tapping into the freedom of the dance floor, or finding zen in a quiet coastal view. And the poems? Well, you’ll have to read for yourself.

As always, we plundered for poetic gold on, an incomparable online archive courtesy of the Academy of American Poets. They’re also the organization behind National Poetry Month, so naturally, they know what’s up. If you’re into these print + lit power duos, see our last two installments in the series (here and here), and stay tuned for next week’s big finale.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200