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Click List: Food Seen, Art Texts + Sandwich Upsets

It was raining hard earlier this week, so we had ample opportunity to spiral into a deep internet hole. Luckily, this spiral led to the limitless joys of doggo videos and toddlers on a mission. (We're counting our blessings because, let's be real, an unchecked internet deep dive always has the potential to take a turn for the worst.) Other delights we filled our water-logged time with? Keep reading... – Team 20x200

Pursuing the title of master procrastinator? Our friends at Colossal just added this cool item: a challenging yet intuitive puzzle packed with 1,000 pieces in a full color spectrum. TBH, it looks wicked hard—which means plenty o' quality time and color theory talk with whoever you endeavor to tackle it!

Do you need a recipe to make a sandwich? A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches makes a solid case for buying a book full of sandwich recipes. NYC's own Tyler Kord conceived of this clever AF cookbook, featuring artwork by 20x200 artist (and living legend) William Wegman. Oh, and it was just named one of the best-designed books of 2016. 

Raise your hand if you've 'grammed yourself against a cafe's campy mural or a bar's pretty patterned floor tiles... This quick read calls out how social media's gone beyond the screen and into the food sphere, pushing restaurants to design for ambiance and Instagrammability. 

Speaking of Instagram, if you're anything like us you've been using your feed as a wanderlust wish list. We have one more pit stop for your fantasy vacation planning: author and curator Weston Naef's writing on Carleton Watkins' stunning snaps of Yosemite.

The SF MoMa is delivering art swag straight to your cell—just a text 572-51 with "send me" + whatever you wanna see, wait a few for the request to go through, and revel in apropos artwork awesomeness! But be may become obsessed (we're looking at you, Jen Bekman).