Click List: What You Can Do Fight White Supremacy August 17 2017

We were putting together our weekly roundup list when it occurred to us: the only thing on our minds this week is Charlottesville. We couldn’t be with the counter-protesters pounding the pavement to take a stand against racism and bigotry. But we can—and will—continue throwing our weight behind a number of amazing organizations. Here are just a few of the numerous orgs you can support to help fight white supremacy in America... – Team 20x200 – Team 20x200  

Donate to the Black Student Alliance of University of Virginia. 

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Click List: Caftans, Queens + Memes, Oh My! August 10 2017

When the news makes you want to hurl, a dog cuddle is the finest cure. By some horrible turn of events, no member of our team currently parents a canine. We've got puppers who are now in doggo heaven, god-dogs, and furry nieces and nephews (not to mention all the dogs we shower with affection in passing), but none to call our own. HOWEVER. If we did own a dog, we would most definitely immortalize them in one of these pet caftans, so eloquently described with genuine elation by 20x200 friend Helen Rosner.

Frankly, we considered ending this Click List at Custom Pet Caftan, but have to (reluctantly) admit there are other things you should get your eyes on...
– Team 20x200

Never before has a congressional hearing so inspired our boogie. Mykal Kilgore's gospel remix of Representative Maxine Waters' widely resonating words has taken over the internet—which is 100% welcome by those of us (all of us?) who never tire of the righteous Queen Maxine. Congresswoman Waters approves.

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Click List: Flint Prom Pics FTW + Protecting Your Art Like a Pro August 03 2017

Newsflash: good office furniture is a game changer. The recent addition of a new couch to our HQ has upped the comfy quotient x 900 and made everyone feel measurably more chilled-out. It's also given us the perfect place to catch up on our interwebs reading and cross off some suddenly less stressful to dos (every task is less stressful if you do it with your feet propped up on a pouf). Below, a few of the fine discoveries we made from our fresh perching place... – Team 20x200

The high school seniors of Flint, Michigan put other prom nights to shame, despite having "the odds stacked against them". Expert-eyed 20x200 photog Landon Nordeman was perfectly suited to capture the party in all it's glory—flash on for extra fabulosity. Peep the pics on It's Nice That

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Click List: Food Seen, Art Texts + Sandwich Upsets July 27 2017

It was raining hard earlier this week, so we had ample opportunity to spiral into a deep internet hole. Luckily, this spiral led to the limitless joys of doggo videos and toddlers on a mission. (We're counting our blessings because, let's be real, an unchecked internet deep dive always has the potential to take a turn for the worst.) Other delights we filled our water-logged time with? Keep reading... – Team 20x200

Pursuing the title of master procrastinator? Our friends at Colossal just added this cool item: a challenging yet intuitive puzzle packed with 1,000 pieces in a full color spectrum. TBH, it looks wicked hard—which means plenty o' quality time and color theory talk with whoever you endeavor to tackle it!

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Click List: We’re Hiring! Plus Afro Punk, Marimekko + More July 13 2017

Paging all art-minded individuals! We’re on the hunt for a Customer Relations + Ops Coordinator to join our small-but-superpowered team in DUMBO. So you’re a customer service star, a spreadsheet whiz, an art obsessee, and a cool-as-a-cucumber deadline conqueror with major moxie? Consider this your clarion call! Get all the deets here. Then keep scrolling through the Click List below to see what else we’re unable to shut up about.... – Team 20x200

Sunscreen, sandals, and a bombdiggity beach towel...CHECK. We're coming for you Rockaways, and we're bringing one of Art Production Fund's new beach towels, designed by art world supastarrrrs like John Currin and Laurie Simmons

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Click List: What We’re Oohing Over Post-Fireworks July 06 2017

Few things are capable of rallying us out of a sweet, sweet, BBQ and sunshine-induced stupor. And don’t say "cold shower" ‘cause we tried it and it just made us miss the pool. Thankfully, the interwebs is here to help. Some light mining of our overflowing inboxes and a mild social media sesh reminded us of some of the awesome things other people are up to—and what’s more motivating than keeping up with the cool kids? Besides, we can eat more watermelon in our swimsuits while avoiding our responsibilities as soon as the weekend rolls around... – Team 20x200

You *are* beautiful and this Kickstarter wants to spell that out unequivocally. 20x200 friend + Art for Everyone enthusiast Matthew Hoffman is behind these uplifting installations. If you want one in your city, help fund his 50 state adventure

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Click List: What's on Our Minds (Besides Summer Fridays) June 22 2017

Rihanna has a new music video out, unflattering pants are here to stay (and we're on board), and avocado carving is apparently trending, so....summer's off to a solid start! Here's some more good stuff to turn your attention to during those last few hours of the day when you're pretending to work because how are you supposed to focus when there's the prospect of drinks al fresco you're not a machine. – Team 20x200  

Oh Baby! It's 20x200 art in the wild—with added bonus of baby bum. Please join us in jaw-dropping at Meg Keene’s stellar salon wall. While you're at it, pop over to Keene's fun, info-filled, inclusive wedding website. (P.S.  don't forget to tag your 20x200 editions Instas #artinthewild)

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Click List: What's Saving Us From News Fatigue June 15 2017

Kinda wanna bury your head in the sand this week? We don't blame you, but how 'bout you turn your attention to some of the cool stuff going on outside the 24-hr news cycle instead. Like how HGTV named us one of the best web destinations for decking your walls with art. Or like any of these awesome things that don't involve us having a super-indulgent Sally Field moment... – Team 20x200  

We felt like swinging by this "fauxdega" art installation by British textile artist Lucy Sparrow, selling a bodega's-worth of felt creations. 8 'Til Late will be on view the Standard High Line in NYC until June 30th, so stop by and stock up while you still can. 

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