Click List: Thorny Subjects, a Square Deal + Monteiro's on a Mission October 26 2017

Halloweekend on the horizon! The opportunity to dissociate without judgment while dressed like Daenerys Targaryen is not lost on us. Nor is the shining beacon of post-holiday discount candy in aisle three (we're coming for you, toddler-sized bags of treats). While there are plenty of real-world considerations that properly scare the Snickers out of us right now, let's all take a moment to gorge on goodies. Get your fill below...  – Team 20x200 

Planting (get it?) translucent cacti and neon monstera leaves straight on our wish lists. These stunning fluorescent sculptures by Los Angeles industrial designer Nobel Truong have us scheming ways to work more art into our apartments. We would all like to own this set, for starters. 

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Click List: Design Podcast Prereq, Fixing Farmer’s Market Fare + More! October 19 2017

In the grand scheme of sifting for good news, there are a few things we're guaranteed suckers for, including but definitely not limited to: 1) girl power for the elementary-age masses and 2) animals doing anything excruciatingly adorable and / or amusing. Now adding rad female founders following their dreams to the list. We're not're crying. Ok fine we're crying. Just ignore us and direct your attention to this week's click picks.  – Team 20x200

Drawing the strength to survive our mid-day slump via Interiors on Design Milk. Of note: this austere Seattle stunner and this bookish BK beaut. And then there’s Design Milk founder Jaime Derringer’s very own living space re-do, ℅ 5+5 favey fave Emily Henderson. (BTW did you catch Derringer’s 20x200 edition debut?)

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Click List: Nat’l Design Winners, Ice Cream Sammies + Sweatshirt Sass October 12 2017

New Thursday affirmation: pat self on back. You’re crushing the work week, you everyday hero. We’d recommend adding another customized step to this ritual. Maybe the bomb DIY spa bath situation, or baking this addictive (and insanely easy) peasant bread so your whole house smells like steamy carbs. Orrrr if you’re NYC-based, come with us to Sézane's new store tonight, where we’ll be getting our hair did and some wine drank with the Cup of Jo crew. [Non-Big Applers can also get their Joanna Goddard fix with this 20x200 5+5 interview old gold.] And of course, perusing our Click List is a requisite Thursday perk...  – Team 20x200

We're coping with the local effects of global warming on the NYC fall climate by double-fisting CoolHaus ice cream sammies. The rad female co-founders have a background in design that pops through in the punchy packaging and the architect-inspired flavor names, à la "Im Pei-nut Butter" and "Mies Vanilla Rohe". Plus, they're exceptionally scrummy.

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Click List: Girl Lamps, Groundbreakers + Operatic Magic October 05 2017

How do you keep on keepin’ on? Besides coming together to support each other this week, we're donating here and here, applauding this and this, and reading this and this, we’re also trying to up our self-care quotient. That includes taking the time to appreciate some of the good stuff going on in the world. Get a headstart on that endeavor, below...  – Team 20x200

This bright, breezy living room makeover over on Cup of Jo is serving us ample interior design inspo—with a side of flattery. Clock that 20x200 art in the mix! And wowza...Laura Bell’s Floral and Insects looks mighty good on Lexi’s wall.

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Click List: Winnie Wins, William Wegman Wows Us Again + More September 28 2017

78 and sunny isn't exactly your stereotypical late-September climate, but that isn't stopping us from diving headfirst into fall like a golden retriever into a freshly raked pile o' leaves. (We're low-key embarrassing about our affection for all things autumnal.) This weekend's exercise in seasonal appreciation includes a team outing to the Queens Farm Museum, where we'll wander through a maize maze, terrify children with our enthusiasm re: petting goats, and prolly run through the pumpkin patch like we're in The Sound of Music. In the meantime, there are (SHOCKER!) actually a lot of non-fall-related cool things on our minds this week. Peep our top picks, below! – Team 20x200

PSA for parental units: Are you savvy to the wonders of Winnie? Founded by friends of 20x200, Anne Halsall and Sara Mauskopf, Winnie is a place for parents to connect, swap insights, share stories, and come up with cool things to do with their kids. (They must be onto something because this article was making the rounds with our crew before we realized Anne wrote it!)

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Click List: Plus-Sized Style, Film Buff Fodder + the Language of Color September 21 2017

What're you doing other than calling your senators to implore them to vote down this abomination? How about quelling your anxiety with some good stuff that's going on in the world? This week's Click List is a steady stream of awesome to see you through the suckitude. Fuel up on these finds! – Team 20x200

Babes come in all shapes and sizes, but the fashion industry has fallen shamefully short of catering to fuller figures. Praise the style gods for Premme, the new plus-sized, fashion-forward clothing line founded by Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason. They've been calling for inclusivity in the fashion world for years, and now they're making their own niche. This feminist AF denim lewk is especially irresistible. 

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Click List: Sloane's Cashing Checks and We're Keeping Plants as Pets September 14 2017

We've fully recovered from our tenth birthday bash last week (if you ask us, all birthdays should be celebrated for a minimum of 7 days), which means we've got time to plan another kind of party—a going away for our girl Cassini, the NASA probe who's making her final approach to Saturn in just two days. (ICYMI, we still love space.) It also means we're back to misbehaving in the form of delivering excellent internet distraction for yewwww. Dig into some of the best, below. – Team 20x200

Sloane Stephens getting paid is giving us life. If you weren't already bowing down to her athletic prowess, world-class sportsmanship, and #goals-worthy grit, this press-conference clip in which she addresses her whopping US Open prize winnings will send you straight to your knees.

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Click List: We’re Blushing (Also, We’re 10 YEARS OLD) September 07 2017

ICYMI, this week marks our TENTH anniversary. That’s a whole. dang. decade. Ten years of inspiring, eye-opening, tough, trying, tremendously fulfilling work, all accomplished with the resolve that art should be for everyone. Over the years, we’ve been lucky to catch the attention of some incredible blogs, podcasts and publications. Which got us thinking: seems like a good time for a li’l self-love #tbt. There’s a long list of places we’ve been highlighted and we’re supa dupa grateful for every single mention, but below are ten (cuz 10 years!) of our personal fave features and major turning points. A huge thanks to all of them, and to our collectors, whom we love on a level that’d probably be deemed inappropriate by a few HR departments. – Team 20x200

Maybe video killed the radio star—but it brought light to our small biz back in the day! AmEx OPEN Forum interviewed our fearless founder Jen Bekman for their Small Business Rules series (major CEO inspo ensued). 

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Click List: Defining Design Ethics, Book Nerd Nirvana + More August 31 2017

First thing’s first: the fine folks of Houston need our help. Join us in slinging our support behind them in full force—whatever you can contribute towards disaster relief in the wake of Hurricane Harvey could make a difference. A few places you might start include United Way Storm Recovery, Houston Food Bank, Coalition for the Homeless, the SPCA of Texas, and the Texas Diaper Bank. Give this page a peep for other organizations in need.  – Team 20x200

When we #tbt we're partial to requisite reads about awesome women: Less than a year ago, our friends at Hyperallergic posted this piece on Florine Stettheimer: Feminist Provocateur, penned by the leading authority on the artist. BTW, we debuted our first Florine edition last week, and it's a doozy.

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Click List: Brand Design Brilliance + Revolutionary Black Art August 24 2017

Let's face it: we could fill this week's Click List with insanely cool photos of Monday's solar eclipse. (Conversely, we could fill the next fifty Click Lists with the bajillion crescent shadow snaps on our social feeds.) But really, our hot take of this celestial event is: the ISS photobombed the moon photobombing the sun. 'Nuf said. Now for the rest of this week's picks... – Team 20x200 

From MoMA to Shake Shack, Paula Scher is a branding genius (and 20x200 artist to boot). It's no surprise Tender Greens tapped the design heavyhitter to develop their new identity

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