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Click List: Thorny Subjects, a Square Deal + Monteiro's on a Mission

Halloweekend on the horizon! The opportunity to dissociate without judgment while dressed like Daenerys Targaryen is not lost on us. Nor is the shining beacon of post-holiday discount candy in aisle three (we're coming for you, toddler-sized bags of treats). While there are plenty of real-world considerations that properly scare the Snickers out of us right now, let's all take a moment to gorge on goodies. Get your fill below...  – Team 20x200 

Planting (get it?) translucent cacti and neon monstera leaves straight on our wish lists. These stunning fluorescent sculptures by Los Angeles industrial designer Nobel Truong have us scheming ways to work more art into our apartments. We would all like to own this set, for starters. 

Like affordable art, you say? Then you won't wanna miss this Magnum Photos x Aperture Foundation print sale. To celebrate their 70th and 65th anniversaries, respectively, the two photography powerhouses partnered for a 5-day sale: $100 square prints from some of the world's best photographers. Sign up early for VIP access or just head straight to the sale this Monday!

Your fabrics just got friendlier. Super cute female-powered fabric company Cotton+Steel has announced a season-by-season collaboration between C+S and a designer or illustrator. We're stoked about their first pick, Christian Robinson, an award-winning illustrator and the artist behind this beyond-adorable children's book about a french bulldog named Gaston—which, btw, comes highly rec'd. It's the fave bedtime read of our Collector Relations Manager's toddler!

"Fascism is knocking on our front door. This is how we knock back."  20x200 artist Mike Monteiro returns to Philadelphia with a new talk that asks (and answers) the all-important, increasingly pressing question "How can design fight fascism?" Join him next Thursday, November 2nd.

Flying away = more uplifting alternative to crawling under a rock. Seemingly inspired by the movie Up, Tom Morgan tied 100 balloons to a lawn chair and floated 15 miles over South Africa. Brb, grabbing 100 helium balloons...