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Click List: Plus-Sized Style, Film Buff Fodder + the Language of Color

What're you doing other than calling your senators to implore them to vote down this abomination? How about quelling your anxiety with some good stuff that's going on in the world? This week's Click List is a steady stream of awesome to see you through the suckitude. Fuel up on these finds! – Team 20x200

Babes come in all shapes and sizes, but the fashion industry has fallen shamefully short of catering to fuller figures. Praise the style gods for Premme, the new plus-sized, fashion-forward clothing line founded by Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason. They've been calling for inclusivity in the fashion world for years, and now they're making their own niche. This feminist AF denim lewk is especially irresistible. 

Twelve exceptional American designers were tapped by the Cooper Union to dream up posters about one of the amendments that compose the Bill of Rights or the Preamble to the Constitution. The exhibition—including work by Jessica Hische, Milton Glaser, and 20x200 artist Edel Rodriguez—is up at 41 Cooper Gallery thru Sept 23rd, so swing over to the East Village this weekend.

If a Saturday rooftop film screening sounds like the perfect end-of-summer activity to you, hi, welcome to the club, and please bring the popcorn. This particular picnic-style affair is put on by Art Girl Army, who's playing five short films by AGA members—plus a Q+A to follow! Oh, and the screening is spearheaded by our very own social media manager and AGA co-director Morgan Fletcher :)

Speaking of women running sh**... all around inspiration incarnate and 20x200 5+5er Ellen Pao just dropped her new book, Reset. We can't wait to get our hands on a copy of the memoir that spans her time at Kleiner Perkins, her landmark lawsuit, what people are calling the "Pao effect", and more.

Color us amazed by this Vox video, which digs into the theory that most languages have a specific pattern for developing words for colors. Humanity's hive brain FTW.