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Click List: Nat’l Design Winners, Ice Cream Sammies + Sweatshirt Sass

New Thursday affirmation: pat self on back. You’re crushing the work week, you everyday hero. We’d recommend adding another customized step to this ritual. Maybe the bomb DIY spa bath situation, or baking this addictive (and insanely easy) peasant bread so your whole house smells like steamy carbs. Orrrr if you’re NYC-based, come with us to Sézane's new store tonight, where we’ll be getting our hair did and some wine drank with the Cup of Jo crew. [Non-Big Applers can also get their Joanna Goddard fix with this 20x200 5+5 interview old gold.] And of course, perusing our Click List is a requisite Thursday perk...  – Team 20x200

We're coping with the local effects of global warming on the NYC fall climate by double-fisting CoolHaus ice cream sammies. The rad female co-founders have a background in design that pops through in the punchy packaging and the architect-inspired flavor names, à la "Im Pei-nut Butter" and "Mies Vanilla Rohe". Plus, they're exceptionally scrummy.

Photo by Charles Aydlett
And we'll be needing that ice cream for all of our rage reads... Anne Helen Petersen's latest piece on Harvey Weinstein—and how women work together to keep each other safe—is just. so. good. Give it a read, and don't miss out on her book while you're at it. 

Sass your way through cold weather! Sweater season seems to be taking it's sweet time, but you've only got a little over a week to nab this nifty pullover. 20x200 artist Martha Rich's feisty feline makes an appearance on these Cotton Bureau cozies for a limited time only. Her snarky cat critter also exists in art form, fyi. 

Congrats to Eric Rodenbeck of Stamen Design! He just snagged the National Design Award from the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum—a certifiable really big deal. This Saturday, join Rodenbeck and more at the Cooper Hewitt for a series of workshops taught by the National Design winners.

Last, but definitely not least:  THIS GUY, who's here to serve "albino-raccoon-crunching-on-a-piece-of-seaweed" as the adorable antidote for all that ails you.