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5+5: Joanna Goddard. Mama. Blogger. Dream BFF.

I was first introduced to Joanna Goddard via a single link. That single link led to hours of reading the down-to-earth and charming Cup of Jo, which I now check on the daily. One of the reasons Joanna's blog is so addictive is its realness—a successful magazine writer/editor and mother of two adorable boys, Joanna could easily put out the vibe of having it all. Instead, her posts are honest, funny, and so genuinely sweet that you feel as if you're hanging out with a friend. Though we love all her posts, Joanna's art and design entries are spot-on, so we were extra-excited when she agreed to be part of our 5+5 series. Read on for her top five 20x200 editions, the artist she'd love to commission a piece from, and how art influenced Cup of Jo...  – Carly + 20x200

5 Perfect Picks

1) Interlochen, Michigan, Swimming Dock, by Arthur Siegel
I grew up in Michigan and love how this photo captures the open, breezy feeling of the lakes.

2) Cemetery Rd, 3169-3327, Viewmont, NY by Pete Mauney 
Do you remember being delighted by fireflies when you were little? This photo immediately brings back that giddy excitement.

3) Baby Deer No. 2 by  Sharon Montrose
Sharon Montrose's animal portraits are all fantastic in different ways, but this deer just looks so sweet and new and wobbly-kneed, my heart swells. What a lovely print for a nursery.

4) Animal Locomotion: Plate 38 (Woman Opening Parasol), by Eadweard Muybridge
This print begs so many questions. Who is this woman? Where is she going? What is she thinking? I find it really captivating.

5) Vegetables (from the series Meanwhile, Farmers' Market Farmers), by  Wendy MacNaughton
Wendy MacNaughton sketched this early one morning at a farmer's market in San Francisco, as the farmers told her about their produce. This print evokes that feeling of discovery and community. It would look lovely framed in a kitchen.

5 Q's + 5 A's

1) What's your favorite museum?
Tough question! MoMA is obviously brilliant — their sculpture garden is such a great hidden-away spot in the city — and the Children's Museum of Art in downtown Manhattan is such fun for little ones, with drumming sessions and a crazy ball pit.

2) Most coveted coffee table book?
My husband and I both love Los Angeles: Portrait of a City. We've lived in New York for more than a decade, but we always have a special place in our hearts for California. "Should we move west?" is one of the most regularly recurring conversations in our marriage.

3) You've got $5M to spend on one piece of art. What would it be?
I adore Kim McCarty's watercolor portraits and Katherine Wolkoff's deer beds and Meg Whitmarsh's embroideries, but wouldn't it be amazing to commission some crazy piece from Danish artist Jeppe Hein???

4) Do you prefer a single statement piece or a salon wall?
A gallery wall with family photos can be both beautiful and comforting. If you're having a bad day, you still feel surrounded by loved ones. We have a salon wall in our hallway with shots from our wedding, family vacations and those hazy newborn days with our children. Every time I brush my teeth in the evening, I walk around and gaze at it.

5) How has your interest in art and design been influential in creating Cup of Jo?
I started Cup of Jo eight years ago, when I was going through a bad breakup. It was a way to distract myself from sitting on the sofa and eating a bag of chips. The blog became a catalog of my favorite artists, gallery exhibits and home inspirations, and now I also write about travel, food, beauty, relationships and motherhood. But art definitely was the way I started.

The 411 on Joanna Goddard
Joanna Goddard runs the popular lifestyle blog, A Cup of Jo, which covers fashion, art, design, food, travel and motherhood. Her articles have also appeared in Glamour, Elle, New York and Budget Travel. She and her husband live in Brooklyn with their two noisy boys, and she loves Seinfeld, white wine and every season but winter.

Professional Site: Cup of Jo  Twitter: @joannagoddard  Instagram: @joannagoddard  Pinterest: @joannagoddard

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