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Weekend *Black* + White Sale!

Central Park, Model Boat Regatta, 1962, a 20x200 Vintage Edition 

Memorial Day is Monday and it’s currently Fleet Week in NYC, which means it’s prime time to show some gratitude to our servicemen and women. It’s also time for some glorious grilling, chilling, and weekend white sales. Of course, we like to do things a little differently around here: we see your white sale, and we raise you a Black & White sale. BOOM.

Get 25% off our Black and White Collection when you enter code BW2015 at checkout. The collection includes several 20x200 Vintage Editions that honor our country’s history in their own way: from a gorgeous shot of a 1920s mountaineer in an ice cave in Rainier National Park, to a rare view of Columbus Circle (a great gift for the die-hard Manhattanite in your life), to a quietly riveting image of a general store in Moundville, Alabama in the thirties. Keep in mind that we’ll only be running the sale until Monday at 11:59 pm ET, so get on it! 

Black and white art has timeless appeal. Whether you lean towards modern and minimal or vintage glamour, you can rest assured these versatile prints will go with almost any decor. The way you put your prints together says a lot about your style. Our personal favorite? Arranging multiple black and white prints in a salon wall. We love the free-flowing placement and inherent asymmetry—it adds another layer of visual interest and personality. 

If you don’t have enough black and white artwork to whip up a salon wall, never fear: this sale is the perfect opportunity to build out your collection. Wouldn’t you love to fill your walls with heavy hitters like Dorothea Lange, Eadweard Muybridge, and Berenice Abbott? We thought so. 

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200





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