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Click List: We’re Blushing (Also, We’re 10 YEARS OLD)

ICYMI, this week marks our TENTH anniversary. That’s a whole. dang. decade. Ten years of inspiring, eye-opening, tough, trying, tremendously fulfilling work, all accomplished with the resolve that art should be for everyone. Over the years, we’ve been lucky to catch the attention of some incredible blogs, podcasts and publications. Which got us thinking: seems like a good time for a li’l self-love #tbt. There’s a long list of places we’ve been highlighted and we’re supa dupa grateful for every single mention, but below are ten (cuz 10 years!) of our personal fave features and major turning points. A huge thanks to all of them, and to our collectors, whom we love on a level that’d probably be deemed inappropriate by a few HR departments. – Team 20x200

Maybe video killed the radio star—but it brought light to our small biz back in the day! AmEx OPEN Forum interviewed our fearless founder Jen Bekman for their Small Business Rules series (major CEO inspo ensued). 

Real talk tho: radio is awesome. Case-in-point = design dynamo (and 20x200 artist!) Debbie Millman's Design Matters, a superlative podcast Jen had the immense pleasure of appearing on.

Flattery will get you everywhere... Our friend + fellow HBIC Grace Bonney of Design Sponge toured Jen's East Village apartment to talk art collecting, interior decorating, and more.  

Speaking of Jen's apartment! This New York Times article took a looksie into our founder's digs, chatted 'bout all the legwork that went into starting a pioneering art company, plus a whole lot more...

We miss Domino Magazine in print (RIP), but luckily we have this memory to live by, and Domino's online iteration keeping our interior design dreams alive.

Museum-quality art made easy! Ghostly spoke with our CEO on her experience starting an innovative e-commerce business, her first art purchase, and best practices for collecting your own art.

Art in America dives deep into the history of selling art online, including a distinct nod to the OG online art marketplace: yours truly.

Print Mag's most recent Hollywood issue bore this bold image of a bunch of badasses feat. Jen Bekman with some of our faves: printmaker Jen Hewett, 20x200 friend Rena Tom, and designer Ryan Putnam. The Makers!

The co-founder Glynnis MacNicol gave Jen the Elle Magazine #TechTalk10 treatment in 2014, asking ten questions about apps, art, and advice.

Sit down with Steven Heller and Jen Bekman in his series for Print Magazine. Heller interviewed our head honcho about 20x200's beginnings, culling and curating new artists, and how Jen convinces the world that everyone should live with art.