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Ten Years of Art for Everyone! (+ Live With Art Totes)

Live With Art Canvas Tote Bags, a 20x200 Product
Available in blue or orange for $10

Cue the confetti cannons….

Today marks 20x200’s TENTH anniversary! It’s the fourth grade in people years, but it’s way more of a milestone in the internet world and we’re over here slow-clapping each other in full sincerity. A decade of Art for Everyone in action! That's ten whole years of limited-edition magic from emerging, established and legendary artists. Ten years of grinding, and bootstrapping, and art evangelizing. You could say we’re real committed to making it possible for more people to live with art.

To commemorate the occasion we're releasing a limited quantity of our Live With Art canvas tote bags, in your choice of blue or orange. The bags are just $10 each for a short time only, in honor of our big decennial. Because riding the subway or schlepping through the grocery store is way more fun if you can do it while declaring (via bold tote graphic) “Live with art! It’s good for you”!

This tenth year is gonna be a monumental one. We’ve got so much incredible stuff in the works—New artists! Art objects! Snazzy new side projects you won’t wanna miss! Plus more than a few surprises in store. So stay tuned...and in the meantime, nab yourself a Live With Art tote so you can broadcast the awesomeness of art to all sorts of strangers.

With art for everyone—ten years strong!
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200