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About 20x200

We've been introducing incredible artists and exceptional art to collectors since 2007. We believe that everyone can—and should—collect art, and that artists should have more opportunities to make a living making work. Our motto from the start has been It's Art for Everyone®, and it always will be.

Our exacting standards ensure that the work we produce is on par with what you see in galleries and museums—which explains why discerning collectors and curators have been our customers from the start. In other words, our art is really art. We're dead serious about the "everyone" part, too! We work hard to deliver an authentic collecting experience to novices and experts alike, and are unwavering about offering art that’s accessible for a wide range of budgets. We've also got tons of art content to read up on on our blog, from essays by expert contributors like John Edwin Mason and Weston Naef, to curated selects from superstars in all sorts of fields, plus a podcast for your listening pleasure—all available to anyone with an internet connection.

So far, we've released more than 1,000 editions by more than 300 artists—legendary, established, and emerging. We collaborate with contemporary artists to produce limited-edition artwork exclusively for 20x200. Each museum-quality, carefully packaged print comes with an artist-signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. We also partner with incredible libraries and institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Library of Congress for our collection of Vintage Editions. These images are painstakingly restored and perfected by our production team, and allow us to further our support for emerging artists. And did we mention we offer killer, handcrafted custom framing for all our limited-edition prints?

We're as meticulous with our $24 prints as we are with our $10,000 ones, lavishing attention on the details every step of the way. (And believe us, there are a lot of steps!) Thoughtful, well-researched information and documentation accompany every print we ship. Our email announcements about new releases are well-researched, opinionated, entertaining, and often irreverent. We take art seriously, but we're certainly not stuffy about it! And if our archival pigment prints aren’t your jam, we encourage you to check out our growing collection of Artist-Made pieces that run the gamut from ceramics to hand-pressed prints to wall hangings and woodcuts.

With over a decade (!!!) in action, we’re just as committed to the Art for Everyone® cause as ever. If you'd like to stay up to date on what's happening and what's next, subscribe to our email newsletter, follow us on social media, and tune into our blog for regular dispatches from behind the scenes. Questions in the meantime? Browse our FAQ or email us at Questions about your order? Email us at