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Click List: Sloane's Cashing Checks and We're Keeping Plants as Pets

We've fully recovered from our tenth birthday bash last week (if you ask us, all birthdays should be celebrated for a minimum of 7 days), which means we've got time to plan another kind of party—a going away for our girl Cassini, the NASA probe who's making her final approach to Saturn in just two days. (ICYMI, we still love space.) It also means we're back to misbehaving in the form of delivering excellent internet distraction for yewwww. Dig into some of the best, below. – Team 20x200

Sloane Stephens getting paid is giving us life. If you weren't already bowing down to her athletic prowess, world-class sportsmanship, and #goals-worthy grit, this press-conference clip in which she addresses her whopping US Open prize winnings will send you straight to your knees.

We've got some art for your ears! Last week we debuted our new podcast, Live With Art. Listen in as our founder Jen Bekman chats with guru of good taste Robert Verdi who dishes on how they met, his kickass personal art collection, the intersection of art and fashion + MOAR. And speaking of podcasts, Jen just appeared on intrepid angel investor Joanne Wilson's Positively Gotham Gal

Queen RiRi kept a eye on inclusivity when building her makeup brand. The singer's new FENTY beauty line arrived this week with forty (!!!) different foundation shades—including a wide range of colors for women with darker skin tones, something that's been long-overdue in the mainstream beauty industry. And of course there's this cool-girl, diversity-packed campaign vid to die over. 

Photo by Salwan Georges
It's like they've seen our living rooms... The Washington Post reported on a recent trend among millennials to pack their urban spaces with houseplants. And get this: an increased interest in indoor greenery seems to pop cyclically throughout history. [Struggle with plant-parenting? Chris Mottalini's new 20x200 edition serves the tropics to your space, green thumb not required.]

One day, at exactly 12:00pm ET, 88 different artists—including our very own Martha Rich, Esther Pearl Watson + Julia Rothman—all looked up and drew the sky. We can't get over the stunning results of this moment of synchronicity, conceived of by Julia and Wendy MacNaughton, the co-founders of Women Who Draw.