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Click List: Winnie Wins, William Wegman Wows Us Again + More

78 and sunny isn't exactly your stereotypical late-September climate, but that isn't stopping us from diving headfirst into fall like a golden retriever into a freshly raked pile o' leaves. (We're low-key embarrassing about our affection for all things autumnal.) This weekend's exercise in seasonal appreciation includes a team outing to the Queens Farm Museum, where we'll wander through a maize maze, terrify children with our enthusiasm re: petting goats, and prolly run through the pumpkin patch like we're in The Sound of Music. In the meantime, there are (SHOCKER!) actually a lot of non-fall-related cool things on our minds this week. Peep our top picks, below! – Team 20x200

PSA for parental units: Are you savvy to the wonders of Winnie? Founded by friends of 20x200, Anne Halsall and Sara Mauskopf, Winnie is a place for parents to connect, swap insights, share stories, and come up with cool things to do with their kids. (They must be onto something because this article was making the rounds with our crew before we realized Anne wrote it!)

Shout out to reading renegades! Fall is primetime to soup up your personal library. Start with these banned books, as illustrated by 20x200 artist extraordinaire Jane Mount in honor of Banned Books Week—which reminds us to give major props to the American Library Association for fighting censorship.

Calling all art and/or dog-lovers in NYC... The incomparable William Wegman's latest show opens tonight at Sperone Westwater, featuring never-before-exhibited Polaroids. The show dives into Wegman's love of anthropomorphizing his Weimaraners (wooing countless art collectors in the process). Can't make it in person? No need to howl / whine / frantically scratch the door. Wegman's new book, Being Human, includes the same sensational body of work, and it's available in every zipcode. 

Does the CB also stand for chart breaker? Cardi B is def problematic, but we have to give her big ups for digging her way out of dire circumstances to being the first solo female rapper to top the singles chart in 19 years with her track "Bodak Yellow".

Stark, synchronized, and striking are three words we'd use to describe Maria Svarbova's photo project, "In the Swimming Pool". The series, which we caught sight of over on Colossal, is full of highly-directed images Svarbova created in Soviet-era pools in her home country of Slovakia.