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Do yer civic duty and reward yourself with art!

Gas station. Kern County, California by Dorothea Lange

Hey! You! Are you registered to vote? Voter registration deadlines are right around the corner, and your country is counting on you to not miss the cut-off. Go to where you can either confirm that you’re registered (even if you’re sure!) or get yourself registered. They make it super easy.

A few registration deadlines that might apply to you (and more here!):
NY: October 12th
CA: October 22nd
FL: October 9th 
TX: October 9th

Already registered to vote? Then reward yourself with some politically savvy art why doncha. Speaking of, when you vote in November, pop over to @20x200 on Insta to share a pic of your “I voted” sticker with us and we’ll send you a discount code. Because sometimes, democracy looks like new art up on your walls.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200
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