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Exploring 2D texture + tactility

Have you ever received a warning look from the museum security guard for leaning just a little too close to a painting? Those thick brushstrokes are so enticing and honestly…sexy. Today we’re celebrating 2D art that makes you wanna crawl into it. Streaks of paint that look as if they would cast a shadow; graininess that could nearly be scooped up; mark-making so expressive that you can imagine the artist’s movements to create it. It’s always fun to look at art that loudly and proudly proclaims: a human hand (most likely) created this. (Honorable mention to letterpress, a form of 2D art that is technically, and at its essence, 3D.)

Detail of Sun #1 by Jen Hewett

Detail of Tranquil Teal by Jessica Zollman

We definitely couldn’t talk about texture and tactility without talking about Jennifer Sanchez, whose paintings unapologetically showcase visible layers and marks, giving the viewer an intimate insight into her process. About her Rainbow Village series, she said:

“Painting gradients and rainbows delights me. There’s always a surprise as I watch the colors transform into one another...I try not to put too much thought into the process and let the spectrums evolve on their own terms. Sensuous paint strokes, thick and thin, trace the color transitions. Globs of paint are glorious on their own, and also serve to intensify the gradients. Vibrant colors, thick panels and juicy paint come together to deliver a lovely rainbow chunk.”

She put it perfectly. Enjoy!