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Feed the Frontlines! We're buying meals for medical workers.

Food Cart on Gansevoort Street by Julia Rothman

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, it can be hard to know how or where to help while staying safely inside (if you’re able). There are a lot of ways you can give back right now, but one organization that’s been especially on our Big Apple-based minds is Feed the Frontlines. To date, FTF has prepared and delivered over 27,000 free meals, distributed to over 35 NYC-area hospitals to hundreds of healthcare workers around the city, partnering with (and in turn supporting!) local restaurants and their employees.

The urgency and importance of their cause hits close to home for us—one member of our tiny 20x200 team is married to a doctor on the frontlines at the Bronx’s Montefiore Medical Center. Underserved communities are being impacted in an outsized way, and we’re calling attention to the work FTF is up to because we know for a fact they’ve provided tangible support to medical professionals in these communities and beyond. Funds raised go directly to feeding healthcare workers on the frontlines. FTF has brought several meals to Montefiore in the weeks past to offer essential medical workers and support staff. When FTF meals are missing, they notice. Something as simple as leaving hospital grounds to grab lunch becomes an exhausting production when you’re trying to limit your own exposure as well as the public’s exposure while treating COVID-19 patients.

Which is to say, let’s do what we can to help make their days even just a little bit easier! Join us in buying a meal (or many!) for medical professionals in NYC through Feed the Frontlines and fuel the fight against COVID-19.