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Art on call: 17 (free!) backgrounds for all those video chats

Suddenly find yourself a frequent flyer on one video chat app or another? We’ve got the good kind of background noise to beautify your next broadcast: 17 different free, downloadable, virtual backgrounds from 11 absurdly talented 20x200 artists. If you’ve already purchased a ring light or mastered the sartorial art of business on the top/party on the bottom, consider yourself an advanced caller. Or maybe you’re just getting the hang of remote meetings. Either way, these artist-created backgrounds will vamp up all those video calls. This is teleconferencing with an artistic touch.

These virtual backgrounds are optimized for Zoom, but you can use them anywhere they work. Set one as your desktop if you wanna! The point is to inject a little art into your new normal, and hopefully provide some ambiance-altering, mood-improving effects in the meantime—for you and anyone watching. Nothing spreads cheer like a giant cheeseburger, a change of scenery, or some encouraging words in cool lettering. Check out all our artist-made backgrounds below, click, download and do your thing. It’s art for everywhere!

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Ideal Bookshelf 1154: Books You Should Have Read by Jane Mount

Foreign Landscapes by Yen Ha

Give me a cheeseburger. Now. by Martha Rich

Tastee by Martha Rich

Bombay Beach Ruins by Caitlin Parker

Come Together by B. Kaspr

three triangles by e bond

Leaf Solitaire by Margot Guralnick

Onion Grass Ballet by Margot Guralnick

Eye Hope This All Ends Soon by Joan LeMay

An Idea to Monty Don by Joan LeMay

River Poppies by Lindsey Warren

Overlooking by Lindsey Warren

Timber Interior by Kellen Hatanaka

Double Double by Kellen Hatanaka

NY0919 by Jennifer Sanchez

NY1867 by Jennifer Sanchez