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Twinning is winning—it’s Gemini season

Welcome to Gemini season! Today, in honor of our air-faring amigos, we’re celebrating duality. (Remember when there wasn’t anything cooler than ‘twinning’ with your favorite friend?) No one understands contrast quite like a Gemini. Bight and dark. Quiet and loud. Ebb and flow. Geminis, as Whitman says, contain multitudes. 

For our Gemini jamboree, check out the air and water of Tod Seelie, the urban and rural of Dorothea Lange, and the vertical and horizontal of James Deavin, all 20x200 artists who prove once and for all that Geminis are not chaotic, dammit!

Geminis remind us to be open to the conflicting parts of ourselves. So in the spirit of duality, we have curated a collection of Gemini art pairings sure to unite even the most disparate dispositions into a cohesive, wonderful whole.