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Get good art: now that’s a New Years’ resolution

New year, new resolutions we probably won’t pay any attention to past Jan 15th. And you know what? We’re cool with that. Even if we stick with just one, we’re doing ourselves a solid. So here’s to overly ambitious goals, to second (and third and fourth) attempts, to making lists for the heck of it, to hope and optimism and shrugging it off when it turns out we’d much rather binge watch The Great British Baking Show than get started on that novel.

In the meantime, here’s some art that just might motivate you to keep those New Years’ resolutions … and if it doesn’t it’ll still look indefinitely amazing on your walls.

Resolution:  Start going to yoga

Resolution:  Commune with nature

Resolution:  Eat better

Resolution:  BYO bag

Resolution:  Fight back

Resolution:  Go with the flow

Resolution:  Read more

Resolution:  Stand up for yourself