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Behold: all the new art of 2018, poised to pad your place.

you got this by Matthew Hoffman

Cheese and butter have been redeemed. Black Panther made history. The House of Reps went blue. There’s been some good news in 2018 and our new art is no exception. Sure, bad news abounds, but we’re keeping it positive today and spreading joy in the form our a year of 20x200 art in review.

Two abstract marvels from Qiana Mestrich, three rad retro airline ads, Michelle Rial’s plant parent print, Carolyn Castaño’s colorful debut edition, and a vintage ice cream dream were all in the mix along with so much more. Not to mention our new Artist-Made additions: a stunning weaving from Sunwoven, the coolest paint-by-numbers cacti from Scout Regalia, new Paper Jam letterpressed-ness, and Pin Museum's art-historical stickables for instance.

We also intro'd several new selects from longtime collaborators like Lisa Congdon, William Wegman, Jason Polan, Tod Seelie, and Amy Ross. These artists represent relationships over a decade in the making, and it's insanely exciting and gratifying to continue to make more of their work available to our collectors. It's been just as awesome watching that work evolve through the years, and we're feeling awfully lucky to have had a front row seat.

2018 was a winning year when it comes to new 20x200 art, all of which you can ogle right through here (plus a few peeks below). Get collecting!