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Go ahead, judge us by our (new) looks.

New look, new attitude, new reason to play Patti LaBelle ... seen us yet? We’re having our movie makeover moment thanks to a spiffy site redesign. Scads of in-situ imagery, easier navigation, new ways to find (and save!) your ideal artwork, and more. It’s a much-improved experience no matter how you choose to check it out—at your desk or on your phone—but be sure to peep it via web browser for the fUlL eXpErIeNce.

Spot something that seems amiss? Get in touch to let us know! We’re big on feedback and always looking to improve.

We're super grateful to the (all woman!) team of whizzes at Aeolidia for helping us conceive and realize this refresh, and to Shopify for being the rock solid, easy to use platform we've been on for years now. And while we’re feeling thankful (it’s that time of year anyway!) a huuuuuge thanks to our readers and collectors. We’re keeping the freshness flowing with a holiday art lineup that’s out of control, so stay tuned.